Brian A. Williams, MD, MBA Professor, Anesthesiology

Research Interest

Dr. Williams received his MD from the Northeast Ohio Medical University, and completed his anesthesiology and MBA training at the University of Pittsburgh.  Dr. Williams is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology. His previous research was underwritten in part by NIH/NIAMS and NIH/NIDA, and is currently underwritten in part by the Department of Defense.  His past research interests included the restructuring of anesthesia care processes to render regional anesthesia as the primary anesthetic technique (spinal, single-injection peripheral nerve block, continuous nerve block), while relegating general endotracheal anesthesia to the "backup" plan.  His work has addressed health care economics and hospital staff workload (in retrospective study), as well as patient-reported outcomes via validated survey instruments (in prospective study).  Currently, he is pursuing translational bench-to-bedside research at the PCPR to develop multimodal single-injection perineural analgesia, with the specific goals of maximizing the duration of sensory analgesia while minimizing the duration of motor and proprioceptive block.  The public health objectives are to render single-injection nerve block techniques both more efficacious for patients and more accessible for anesthesiologists to administer quickly.

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