Congratulations to Muzamil Saleem and Marta Wells who split the Gerald F Gebhart Distinguished Research Prize for their poster presentations at the Barriers to the Translation of Pain Research. Click to see more

The meeting was held at the University of Pittsburgh June 11 and 12. Co-authors and Mr. Saleem’s poster, “Theranostic nanoemulsion-loaded drug reverses hypersensitivity in a rat CCI model” were K. Vasudeva S. K. Patel, K. Hitchens, A. Stevens J.A. Pollock and J.M. Janjic. Co-authors on Ms Well’s poster “s Structure-Based Screening of Human Glycine Receptor Potentiators as Novel Analgesics for the Treatment of Chronic Pain” were T. S. Tillman, D. D. Mowrey, T. Sun, Y. Xu, and P. Tang.