2008 Nociceptors - New Biology Symposium, Edinburgh

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                                    15th & 16th August 2008 


Edinburgh Neuroscience and the University of Pittsburgh co-hosted an Official Satellite Meeting of the 12th World Congresson Pain in August 2008. One hundred and twenty pain scientists and clinicians gathered together in Edinburgh for the 'Nociceptors - New Biology' symposium which celebrated the lives and work of Professor Ed Perl (University of North Carolina, USA) and Professor Ainsley Iggo (formally of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland), both of whose contribution to the nociception field is immense.

Right: Speakers from Day one of the 'Nociceptors - New Biology symposium. Ed Perl and Ainsley Iggo are in the centre with their wives Margery and Betty. 

Speakers from day 2



Above: Speakers from Day Two of the Nociceptors - New Biology symposium.  Co-organizers Sue Fleetwood Walker (University of Edinburgh) and Jerry Gebhart (University of Pittsburgh and current President of the International Association for the Study of Pain) are pictured (3rd from left and far right) 

LaMotte Michell Walker
Bob LaMotte, Rory Mitchell & Sue Fleetwood-Walker

pic 3 Edinburgh Students
Edinburgh Neuroscience Students

pic 4 fiona
Fiona Boissonade, David Andrew
& Bruce Matthews

Day 1: Sessions 1, 2, 3 and Workshop 1

A new mechanoreception assay reveals intrinsic differences between sensory subtypes
Patrik Ernfors, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Comprehensive phenotyping of cutaneous nociceptors: What have we learned?
Richard Koerber, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Contributions of nociceptors and non-nociceptors to neuropathic pain
Sally Lawson, University of Bristol, UK

Ectopic discharges in C-Nociceptors as a cause of neuropathic pain
Jordi Serra, Department of Neurology, MC Mutual, Barcelona

Clinical neurophysiologic investigation of injured and regenerating sensory nerve and neuropathic pain in man
Satu Jääskeläinen, Turku University Hospital, Finland

Workshop: Messin with nociceptor gene products

Preparation and delivery of siRNAs to sensory neurons
Michael Jankowski, Universityof Pittsburg, USA

Gene manipulation by using viral-mediated siRNA
Anke Tappe-Theodor, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Enhanced nociceptive signaling in the compressed spinal ganglion
Robert LaMotte, Yale University, USA

Nociceptor Voltage-gated channels
Michael Gold, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Historical Perspective: Ainsley Iggo: "the accidental pain scientist"
Fernando Cervero, McGill University, Canada



                 pic 6 Harpestpic 6 concert
             Gaelic Harpist Patsy Seddon and Concert at St. Cecillia's Hall with
              the Raymond Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments

 delegates 1delegates 2

Pic 8 matthias et al
Matthias Ringkamp, Metta & Hermann Handwerker

pic 9 malony heather cervero
Vince Malony, Heather Anderson & Fernando Cervero

pic 10 gold perl light
Michael Gold, Ed Perl & Alan Light


Day 2: Sessions 4, 5, 6 and Workshop 2

Growth factor regulation and modulation of nociceptors
Stephen McMahon, King's College London, UK

Modulation of intracellular nociceptor signaling pathways
Jon Levine, University of California, San Franscisco, USA

Unravelling the molecular targets of the NMDA-NO pathway in nociceptors
Rohini Kuner, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Evaluation of TRPV2 function in mouse thermal nociception
Michael Caterina, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA

Pain and cool analgesia
Sue Fleetwood-Walker, University of Edinburgh, UK

Workshop: Techniques for targeting and studying selective populations of nociceptors

Genetic approaches to trace, ablate and activate nociceptive neurons
Mark Zylka, University of North Carolina, USA

Probing nociceptor specificity with TRPV1
Dan Cavanaugh, University of California, San Francisco, USA

Chemo- and mechano-nociceptors in the viscera
Ashley Blackshaw, Hanson Institute, Adelaide, Australia

The contribution of microneurography to the understanding of human nociceptor physiology and pathophysiology
Hermann Handwerker, Institute for Experimental Physiology and Pathophysiology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Historical Perpective: Dr. Edward R. Perl: “Nociceptor Pioneer”
Alan Light, University of Utah, USA

pic 11 kress iggo
 Michaela Kress & Ainsley Iggo   

pic 12 geb seal
Jerry Gebhart & Rebecca Seal
pic 13 center delegates
Pittsburgh Pain Centre delegates Sacha Malin, Kris Rau, Julie Christianson, Mike Jankowski & Derek Molliver

pic 14 max treanor
Mitchell Max, James Treanor, Jon Levine & Jenny Laird

pic 15 edinburgh delegates 
University of Edinburgh delegates

pic 16 valda group
(L to R): Julie Christianson, Kathy Albers, Mike Jankowski, Anke Tappe-Theodor, Brian Davis, Sacha Malin, Jerry Gebhart Seated: Valda Gebhart, Mark Zylka & Rick Koerber